Not going to see this. Actively encouraging my friends and family not to see this either. This is a movie made merely to hold onto the rights to the property and not see them revert to Marvel/Disney. Giving any attention to this film only keeps the Four, the Skrulls, the Negative Zone, Doctor Doom and Galactus from… » 4/19/15 12:27pm 4/19/15 12:27pm

If you want a quick link to a clone of my best ship in the original Captain Forever, you can follow this link right here. Essentially, once you get so far, you get these chromatic ships only for a bit until you can kill one, or trick one into blowing another up, then it's just a mix of all the differently… » 4/14/15 7:55pm 4/14/15 7:55pm

I have to think that my favorite JMS issue was one that was very close to that one in his and Romita's run. I've had fun reading it aloud and doing all the voices and considered doing it as a demo piece for voice acting. It was "Amazing Spider-Man" #502: "You want pants with that?" The one with Leo Zelinsky,… » 4/14/15 4:31pm 4/14/15 4:31pm

So many questions. How are they gonna address the problem of the little kid in the cast getting visibly older as the years it will take to produce this properly take? How are they gonna convince me that anyone but Guy Pearce is the proper person for the role of Roland? Will Steve cameo in the part only he can cameo… » 4/10/15 3:57pm 4/10/15 3:57pm

I'm not watching any Disney animated series based on a marvel property again... Possibly not a disney animated series again period. They don't know what to do with a good property like EMH or their Tron series. They'll cancel em for the most specious or cryptic reasons just as we're getting into em. I'm not investing… » 4/08/15 9:07am 4/08/15 9:07am

I'm guessing Square realized it the 5th or 6th time they republished it for a quick buck and people still bought it. Don't get me wrong. I bought it with my PS1 back in 1997. Beat the hell out of it in my complete-ist way. And that was that. But I have been waiting patiently for a PC release of all the Parasite… » 3/13/15 3:39pm 3/13/15 3:39pm